I refuse to let my daughter be around my convicted rapist brother-in-law - everyone in the family is angry at me

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A Reddit user has drawn the line when it comes to allowing a criminal family member come near her daughter. 

The married mom revealed in her post that her 28-year-old brother-in-law John spent 12 years in prison after being convicted of kidnapping and rape.

She and her husband have since refused to allow the convicted felon around their two children, including the woman's 13-year-old daughter.

'Everyone in the family is extremely p***** at me because he "did his time and paid his dues...," she wrote.

'I refuse to buy in to the excuses and have stood firm behind not allowing this man near my kid.' 

A woman created a Reddit post yesterday and wrote that she is refusing her brother-in-law be allowed to see her daughter and stepdaughter after he was convicted of kidnapping and rape

John, 28, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for his crimes. He has since been released but she is still not allowing him to see the kids

The original poster's (OP) daughter is 13-years-old and is just two years younger than John's victim

John's victim was a 15-year-old girl who he'd befriended on Facebook.

According to the woman, the teenage victim told John that she needed to 'escape an abusive home life' and then claimed that her father was sexually abusing her and withholding food.

'John went and picked her up and left state with her, where they started a sexual relationship,' the OP wrote.

'It was never disclosed whether or not it "consent" was given, as it wasn't in the report.'

However, due to the victim's age, the OP claimed that the crime was considered forced rape.

'It was considered forced rape, actually. She had just turned 15 (literally the month prior),' she wrote. 

'16 is the age of consent, so it was not considered statutory and that only applies if there is a 6 year age gap - not 13.'

After 12 years behind bars, John was released from prison two years ago and has since become a registered sex offender.

John may have done the time for his crimes, but it's not enough for the wife and mother to allow him around her daughter and stepdaughter.

He befriended the victim on Facebook and the pair began a sexual relationship while they were over state lines. He admitted in a letter that he committed all of the crimes

'I don't care if he is "reformed" and "found Jesus". I don't care if he openly admits it was a mistake and is apologetic,' she wrote.

'He still r*ped a kid, who is close in age to my daughter.'

John's family contacted her yesterday and requested that everyone have a discussion about the matter.

The OP's in-laws were at the discussion and they revealed that John would be at her niece's 12th birthday party. 

'They asked that I put up with it for a few hours for my nieces sake and said "we will all make sure that John isn't around your daughter, we will pay close attention," she wrote.

'They all have this belief that he is reformed anyhow so I don't trust them to keep an eye on my kid because they all think he's "cured" and "wouldn't do that to family."' 

Although the OP has remained stern about the situation, she found her husband crying in a bathroom later that day.

During a family discussion, her in-laws told the OP that John would be attending her niece's 12th birthday party despite his criminal past

The Reddit poster and her husband are no longer on speaking terms after the two got into a nasty fight in their home

'I knock on the door and found him sitting on the edge of the tub,' she stated in her post.

Instead of looking for comfort, her husband became angry and 'unleashed a world of hurt.'

The OP claimed that her husband told her he was 'f****** sick of being caught in the middle' and that he felt like she was making him choose between his family.

'He said that he is pissed at all of us and is starting to hate us all because we won't "shut the fuck up" and stop "giving him ultimatums...," she indicated.

'I know he's hurt right now but I will never tolerate the lack of concern for my own child after what that man did.'

Despite the pain her husband felt, the OP claimed in her post that he has not forgiven his sibling and he even thinks that his brother is 'sick in the head.'

Once the OP's husband brought up her daughter, she told him to get out of their house and the two haven't spoken ever since.

Reddit users have trashed the woman's family and many of them have written that she is NTA (not the a******) in this situation. 

Reddit users have trashed the woman's husband and family. They're also praised her for doing everything she can to protect her daughter

More than one Reddit user have praised the OP for her doing everything she can to protect her daughter.

'You are a good mother for protecting your child,' a person on Reddit wrote.

'It seems like your husband rather have a pedophile around your daughter then have moral.'

A few Reddit users have made suggestions on what the OP should do - ranging from calling John's parole officer to taking her 13-year-old daughter to a self defense class.

'Do what you are doing now to keep her away from that creep, but also give her the ability to defend herself,' a user commented.

'Protect your child but also protect them innocents,' another user wrote.

'SIL needs to be reported to cps for all but handing her child to a predator.'

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